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How useful is a mannequin

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I Went to Nordstorm the other day and saw a few models with different kinds of still standing posture in Nordstorm. They
keep one posture for hours. I can imagine it is really not easy for them. At the other side, how expensive hiring these model
will be!
If you are an employer in fashion industry, will you pay that money? I will not.
I can find another much better way for both sides.
They have below features:
No salary required
Never Strike
Beautiful posture
Working hours---7/24/365
Show your fashion without you paying advertising
What is that? It is Mannequin.
female standing mannequin

The next step is find what kind of mannequin can make my fashion stand out in hundreds of thousands of fashion.
For posture, there are all kinds of posture. For colors, there is white, black, grey, metallic color, you name it.
For material, there are fiber glass and PP.
It depends on your products.
Let’s talk about t material first.
PP mannequin lasts longer and is usually eco-friendly. The most important thing is it is cheaper and weight is less, so it is
easy for transportation. The feeling for the surface is so smooth that you want to put your best clothing on it. The posture is
decided by two leg posture and two arm posture combination. The more posture of leg and arm you have, the more posture
your mannequin. Choosing the right color and posture PP mannequin can definitely make your fashion standing out. Since
the molds for PP leg and arm are expensive, the posture is limited.

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