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Plastic mannequins vs. fibreglass mannequins

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Nowadays, Plastic mannequins become more and more popular in the market comparing to traditional fibreglass mannequins. This is because plastic mannequins have the following advantages:

The materials used in the plastic mannequins are more environmentally friendly due to the fact that they are recyclable. At the end of the mannequin’s life cycle, it can then be broken up to small plastic pieces to be reconstructed into another mannequin, or other plastic goods.

In addition, fibreglass mannequins are very fragile in comparison to plastic mannequins. Fibreglass is very brittle and can be scratched easily. If a fibreglass mannequin is dropped, it is very likely that the damage would be far too great to be restorable. In contrast, plastic mannequins have far greater strength and therefore less prone to damage. It is far more scratch resistant and would have a greater life cycle compared to a fibreglass mannequin

From an economical standpoint, plastic mannequins would have a higher value for money. This meaning, when mass-produced, plastic mannequins could have lower cost compared to fibreglass mannequin. This is because plastic mannequins are factory-made with far less physical labour to construct. However, if only a few mannequins are required, the fibreglass option would be cheaper because the moulding cost for the plastic mannequins exceed far greater than the moulding cost for fibreglass one.

There are a variety of factors to consider when choosing a material for mannequins, at Store Fixture Showcase, we offer a wide selection of colour, style, and poses of mannequin at a competitive price.

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